Expolore, Educate, Protect.

Ecotourism, also referred to as sustainable tourism, has become a buzzword in travel marketing over recent years.

Ecotours are small, educational tours that have minimal impact on the natural ecosystem guests are visiting.

The tours promote social responsibility in relatively undisturbed natural areas while offering a fun or unique experience for patrons.

Benefits of ecotours

When efficiently managed, eco-tours have the following benefits:

  • Protect wildlife
  • Raise awareness of the diversity of a natural environment
  • Provide employment to local communities
  • Educate locals and tourists about the unique bio-cultural impact of an area.

Designed with environmental sustainability as a core objective, ecotours are an essential tourist activity that are playing a pivotal role in the preservation of the planet.

Ecotours in Australia

Home to some of the most stunning natural wonders of the world, ecotours are increasing in popularity in Australia.

Long gone is the old stigma that ecotours are boring. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Queensland including The Great Barrier Reef, the stunning Whitsunday Islands and the beautifully diverse Gold Coast welcome visitors from all over the world on a wide array of ecotours.

Ecotour activities are all nature-based and may include fun, energetic activities such as hiking, swimming, mountain climbing, wildlife spotting or swimming.

Ecotourism and culture

Ecotours may take participants ‘off the beaten track’ to visit lesser-known villages and cultural hubs. Guests may interact with locals to learn firsthand of some of the customs of the local people as they share their knowledge of the land, tell stories, dance and give musical performances immersed in their culture.

While ‘eco-tourism’ may seem like a contradiction in terms – it’s virtually impossible to completely reduce the footprint of mass tourists to a natural area – true eco-tourism is a growing market promoting social responsibility, education and raising awareness of how guests can protect natural environments and contribute to the longevity of the planet.

While all businesses must cover costs, ecotours often use funds generated to help protect the environment, rather than make a profit. Funds may be donated to research projects or assist with building resources to enhance environmental sustainability.

Characteristics of ecotourism

An ecotour is defined by one or more of the following characteristics:

  • The environment you’re visiting is one of the main attractions
  • Supports research or programs that protect the environment
  • Donates profits back into the sustainability of the environment
  • Nature-focused activities that create awareness of the environment
  • Provides opportunities to immerse in local culture
  • Personal involvement with nature

Ecotours offer guests a hands-on experience with some of the most breathtaking natural destinations in the world. To be successful, eco-tours will educate the tourist, provide an enjoyable experience while putting preservation of the natural environment as a priority.

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