Gold Coast Humpback Whale Facts

Australia and its annual Humpback Whale Migration is one of the biggest tourist attractions. We often get asked basic questions about whales and whale watching. Here are our top 10 frequently asked questions and their answers.

What is the best time of day for whale watching?

Provided there you are heading out whale watching within the actual whale watching season, there is no difference in regards to sightings however, a morning whale watching cruise might be more comfortable in regards to sea conditions as the water is ofter calmer early in the morning. Winds on the Gold Coast typically increase at around lunchtime. The whales however don’t mind the wind and even like it if waters are a bit more choppy. We get ask this question a lot and in summary can advise that it does not matter. We are on natures terms hence, afternoons can be better than mornings and vice versa. If you believe you easily get seasick, maybe choose the morning cruise over the afternoon.

What is the season for whale watching?

Whale watching season on the Gold Coast starts as early as May with the first sightings however, frequency of sightings usually increase in early June. Most whale watching operators in Surfers Paradise and on the Gold Coast commence their cruises at the end of May until October.

Best Whale Watching in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast?

The departure location of your whale watching cruise does not really matter. All whale watching operators on the Gold Coast cruise along the same routes. In fact, the operators community often help each other spotting whales on their cruises, communicating via VHF radio. There are several operators on the Gold Coast departing from Surfers Paradise, Main Beach or Runaway Bay. Our very own cruise comes with a $5 hotel transfer option from Surfers Paradise and surrounding suburbs. We will pick you up for your cruise and drop you back afterwards. All our tours are unique as they are operated in private cruise style, from a smaller vessel.

When can you see whales on the Gold Coast?

Whale watching cruises start in early June until late October. Sightings usually continues about 2 weeks before and after these times.

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