What an incredible office we have on our ocean. 2019 was an incredible season and we took our time in choosing our top 10 whale watching moments of the season. We hope you like them and we can’t wait to take more incredible photos during the 2020 whale watching season.

Gold Coast Whale Watching Tours
1. Probably the most thrilling encounter of the season
Small Boat Whale Watching Tours
2. A true memory that will last a lifetime!
Gold Coast Whale Adventures
3. The money shot. Our Adventure Boat.
Whale Watching Tours Gold Coast
4. Belly scratch please. Humpbacks love our boat.
5. Whoever invented GoPros on sticks, you rock!!
6. Surely one of the best PADI advertisements of 2019
humpback whale selfie
7. Inarguably the coolest selfie of the season
Sea the Gold Coast Whale Watching Season
8. Nature at its best
9. A humpback whale asking our boat on a date
Gold Coast Boat Ride Broadwater Boating Tour
10. An incredible shot of an excited group of people, heading out to sea
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