Private Charter - Spreading/Scattering Ashes - Gold Coast

If you wish to charter a vessel to spread / scatter the ashes of your loved ones at sea, then please contact us. Our dive and whale watching boats are midsized vessel, making them affordable options for ash spreading ceremonies. Over the past 12 months, we received several charter inquiries, hence we decided to make it part of our offering.

Customised Cruises

In Australia, you are allowed to scatter ashes at sea. Our vessels can carry up to 12 passengers, departing Southport (95 Marine Parade, Southport). Your ash spreading charter will be fully customised to your needs and we can visit any location within a reasonable distance from the Gold Coast Seaway entrance.

Scatter the ashes with the Whales

Ash scattering options include whale watching. This is a fantastic memorable experience. The Gold Coast is right on the Humpback Whale highway with whale watching season running from May to October each year.

Private Ash Scattering Charters from $595

Contact us via email to discuss availability, charter options and costs. Our private charter options range between $595 and $795 for a 2-2.5h charter. There are a few details to discuss and consider when spreading ashes at sea so we would prefer if you call or email us prior to booking a private charter.

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