Why not having a whale of a time

Are you a marine biology student looking for opportunities to be out in the field to survey humpback whales, dolphins and other marine life? Or, are you perhaps a talented hobby wildlife photographer, looking to get ocean time and to promote your work?

If this sounds like you, then you might be keen to join us on our small boat whale watching cruises on the Gold Coast as a commentator and photographer. This is your chance to do what you love the most and share your passion with others, educating them about our amazing ocean.

Not a whale surveyor yet? We support the survey program of Humpback and High-rises and as part of this role, you will need to complete survey forms during our trips.


This is an unpaid opportunity in exchange for free whale watching cruises for yourself.  You can bring your family and friends on a standby basis.


Our tours

Our whale watching cruises are truly unique as we run them on a smaller vessel with a maximum of 8 participants. You can enjoy 360-degree views without the need to move around the vessel and you are 50cm away from the water surface. This all comes with the fact that whales love our little boat and often spend a lot of time checking it out up close. Check out our adventures page for more details around our cruises.


What you need

To be great in this role, you need to be passionate about our ocean and its marine life?

You need to be knowledgeable about humpback whales and dolphins and love sharing your knowledge with others whilst on a whale watching cruise with us. Finally, being resistant to seasickness is a must.


Your time investment

We operate on several days per week usually from Wednesday to Sunday. Between June and October, we require you to be available at least 1 day per week or more on a specific day (first in best dressed). Please include your available days in your email when expressing your interest.


What’s in for you?

If you are a photographer, we will use your pictures and videos for our social media streams and are more than happy to use them with your watermark! You can also try to sell high resolution versions of your pics to our guests if you wish. If you are not a photographer as such, we are sure that you are able to take some pics on your phone whilst out on a cruise.

As a student or conservation activist, you will get the opportunity to spent considerable time on the ocean without incurring the cost associated with vessel charters. You will support your own research projects or those from HHR and share your knowledge with our guests.


Express your interest

If this sounds exciting to you then we can’t wait to hear from you. Once again this is an unpaid opportunity! Please email us with a short introduction of yourself and advising the preferred day or days on which you are available via matt@seathegoldcoast.com.au. We will then arrange a meeting to discuss the details.