Gold Coast Whale Watching Deals – Groupon, Scoopon and 5 Reasons why to book directly with the Operator


Whale Watching Deals

Are you after the cheapest whale watching deal around? Websites such as Groupon, Scoupon or Adrenalin offer discounted whale watching tickets all the time. The headlines often promise up to 70% off and it is tempting to buy your whale watching tickets via those third-party platforms.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider booking directly with the operator.


Beware of voucher restrictions and the fine print

Many vouchers are sold as non-refundable, similar to a discounted airfare with a budget airliner. Should a cruise be cancelled due to weather or you change your mind or fall sick after your purchase, you will only be entitled to reschedule at best. Should you be unable to reschedule e.g. you are at the end of your holiday, you will lose your money.

If you book directly with the operator, your tickets will be subject to a much more reasonable cancellation policy in order to accommodate various circumstances. Considering that whale watching is highly weather depending, flexible tickets are highly recommended.


Standard cruise prices are often similar to discounted prices

The catchy headlines for huge discounts often only apply to certain ticket types such as children. Many operators also inflate their so-called retail price only to offer huge discounts elsewhere. At the same time, other operators offer the perceived discounted price as their standard retail price in the first place so you could book directly with them for the same price.


Discount Vouchers are usually limited to large whale watching boats with 150+ guests per cruise

If you are after a boutique small boat whale watching tour, then you won’t have much luck with heavily discounted offers. Such experiences including our Sea the Gold Coast small boat whale watching tour are conducted with only 8-12 guests and provide an absolute personalised experience with a private tour feel.

Whilst this sort of adventure tour comes at a cost, you might be surprised to hear that our tours start at $69 per person, pretty much the same price as most discounted deal vouchers. We simply can’t afford to give away big sales commissions hence we rely in you to directly book your trip with us. We will give you attractive group discounts instead so mobilise your family, friends or work colleges and go whale watching.


Gift the proper experience and not the cheap discount voucher

Make your loved ones feel special by gifting them a flexible gift voucher, directly from the operator rather than a cheap discount voucher that comes with various restrictions. The original voucher will provide more flexibility to make sure your present becomes a memorable adventure.


Support local small businesses

By now you may appreciate that discount vouchers often offer only small savings if compared like for like with the actual tour offer. At the same time they come with the risk of missing out on the tour altogether due weather cancellations and the inability to receive a refund. As such, save yourself the trouble and support local business and buy your cruise directly with the operator.