Find the cheapest whale watching deal on the Gold Coast.

If price is your biggest and only driver and you don’t have any non-price preferences such as size of vessel then there is good news for those that hunt the bargains. Thanks to reasonable competition in between operators along with large whale watching vessels, carrying in excess of 150 people per tour, whale watching can be as cheap as an UBER ride around the block.  Try for the best whale watching experiences.


What does whale watching usually cost?

That of course depends on the size of the whale watching vessel. The larger the vessel and the higher the number of passengers per cruise, the cheaper it usually gets. The standard price for a 2-3h cruise on a large tourism vessel is $69 per person. There are some specials for kids depending on the operator but it usually does not get any lower than $49 for a kid.

Some large operators advertise their whale watching cruises around the $99 mark per adult ticket but then sell them on discount platforms such as Adrenaline, Groupon and Scoupon etc. at significantly cheaper prices at around $69 per adult person.


What’s the average price for a whale watching tour on the Gold Coast?

The average price of a whale watching tour is $69 per person either sold directly by the operator or via third party discount platforms as already explained earlier. This usually excludes small boat whale watching operators such as Sea the Gold Coast. The average price for a small boat whale watching adventure is around $89 per person. Discounts are only given by way of group discounts or for last minute bookings.


Why is small boat whale watching more expensive than on a larger vessel?

A whale watching adventure on a small vessel is an exclusive experience, shared with only a handful of other guests per cruise. It allows for better unencumbered views and a much more intimidate experience if compared to a large crowded whale watching vessel. The cost of the small vessel and crew is only spread over 8-12 passengers hence you will need to pay a premium to enjoy this experience. Kind of a business class flight vs. an economy flight experience.  Aqua Adventures at Southport offer an amazing small boat experience departing daily


Should I buy my tickets directly with the operator or via third party sites?

Absolutely try to buy your tickets directly with the operator. A tour business can only be sustainable for as long it is able to set its own price point rather than prices being dictated by third party sales platforms. As a rule of thumb, you will usually always find the same price with an operator directly than advertised on sales platforms. Simply search the web. For example, the that one operator offers on discount platforms, others offer directly via their own website.


Why price isn’t everything?

As anything in live, the cheapest deal is not always what should drive your decision making. Make sure you feel comfortable with an operators offering, their reputation and cruise inclusions and more importantly the size of the vessel. Small boats aren’t for everyone so large whale watching vessels certainly have their place but if you are in for the unique adventure then make sure you pay the little extra for your small boat whale watching cruise.


What are the best small boat whale watching deals?

The only way to get such a premium experience any cheaper is by bringing more people. Mobilise your friends and family and enjoy attractive group discounts. Our Sea the Gold Coast small boat whale watching adventure is currently priced in tiers:

Whale Watching = $119pp
Whale Swimming = $249pp
Private Charter – Exclusive Use = Starting $1190pp (upto 12 people)

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