Regardless of profession, career goals or industry, team building activities should always remain a primary focus for an organisation.

Team building ideas can take many forms on a variety of scales.

From overnight educational conferences to one-day activities that push participants out of their comfort zones; regardless of the nature of the team building activity, team building is something that should be included in every business strategy.


Why is team building worth the investment?

When you’ve got budgets to consider and a mounting to-do list, team building can easily get pushed further down the list of priorities but there are many reasons team building is worth the investment:

Increase motivation

Corporate team building activities generally include time out of the busy office and a chance to relax. While there may be an educational component of the team building activity, investing in the team in a relaxed setting will demonstrate a commitment to employees and show them that they’re valued.  When staff return to the office, their energy will be renewed and motivation levels high.

Improve communication

Team building is a good opportunity to get out of the office and see a different side to colleagues. It’s easy to become one-dimensional when you’re in the same setting every day and the team building experiences the Gold Coast has to offer are a good chance to communicate in a different environment, air any issues in a relaxed setting, find shared ground and get to know each other on a deeper level.

When employees get back to work, the shared team building experiences will contribute to a closeness that will help perform everyday tasks.

Improve productivity

When staff feel valued and part of a strong team, productivity will inevitably skyrocket. While a few hours shifting the focus off work may have a short-term impact, the long-term gain will more than make up for it.


Why are physical activities suited for corporate team building activities?

Team building ideas are often physical as they help identify any strengths or weaknesses among individuals and within the team.

Nobody can be strong in all areas so where one person may fall, others will be encouraged to support them and help them achieve. Physical activities improve comradery, stimulate light-hearted competition and encourage people to get to know each other in a safe environment.


Gold Coast team building activities from Sea the Gold Coast

Our team building program is uniquely designed to improve relationships within a team and give employees an experience they’ll remember forever. Our Gold Coast team building activities include:

Pool scuba dive event: Southport, Miami or Palm Beach, Gold Coast

This ultimate teamwork session sees groups of up to 18 working together to experience scuba diving, many for the first time. Guided by qualified PADI dive instructors, there’s no experience necessary for participants who will encounter the complete freedom of the open water surrounded by their colleagues.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience can last for up to four hours depending on the group size. Give team members a chance to debrief over lunch or dinner at one of the local pubs or restaurants.

Additional information

o Bus transfers available
o No prior diving experience required
o Maximum 18 guests per session


South Stradbroke Island Wildlife Adventure Tour: South Stradbroke, Gold Coast

For a more leisurely team building experience, Gold Coast, watch as the team get up close and personal with the native Australian wildlife on South Stradbroke National Park, Gold Coast.

Participants can take guided walks suitable for all levels of fitness where they can spot native birds and wildlife while immersing themselves in the local flora and fauna.

The thrill-seekers of the group have the option to take part in an adventure boat tour through the Gold Coast Broadwater to get the heart rate up before rounding off the adventure with lunch or dinner at Tipplers café.

This tour provides something for everyone regardless of age or physical ability. With a maximum of eight participants, tours are intimate to allow all members of the team ample time to get to know one another in a shared setting.

Additional information

o Departs ex Runaway Bay Marina
o Bus transfers available
o Three to four-hour tour
o Maximum 11guests per tour


Gold Coast Coastal Exploration Minibus Tour: Gold Coast

The Gold Coastal Exploration Minibus Tour is a guided tour which takes a maximum of 11 participants to some of the most renowned sites of the Gold Coast.

Led by a driver with extensive local knowledge, the tour can be tailored to suit the needs of the team. Check out some of the best Gold Coast sites including world-class coastal lookouts and the Spit at Main Beach before going out bush into the Gold Coast Hinterland.

End the tour with lunch or dinner at Q1 Sky point and take in the stunning 360-degree views of the Gold Coast from level 77 of the tallest residential building in the world.

Additional information     

o Departs at a location of your choice
o Maximum of 11 participants
o Design an itinerary to suit the team.


How much do these team building ideas cost?

All team building experiences Gold Coast can be designed to suit the specific needs of the organisation.  Email us for an obligation free quote letting us know your proposed date, the activity of interest and number of people. We’ll then design a unique itinerary that gives participants a day to remember!

At Sea the Gold Coast, we understand the importance of corporate team building activities and go above and beyond to make sure your team building day will increase productivity and provide memories the team will cherish long into the future.

To find out about our team building ideas and packages, contact us today.

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