Gift Certificates for the 2021 Whale Watching Season available now



Instead of more things and clothes that clutter the home give an experience that really becomes part of you. Adventurous activities are often one of the most popular gift certificates to give to loved ones and friends due to their unique nature. Gift cards are usually not what people are expecting to ever receive, which enables them to be so much fun, imagine the surprise and the excitement as they open the card. Here are a few tips and hints in regards to gifting one of our whale watching tours.


Small Group Whale Watching Tours – The perfect experience

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love nature and humpback whales? Our unique small group whale watching tours or 3 day research expeditions with only 6-8 passengers are the perfect experience for the ones in your life you care about the most, creating memories to last a lifetime.


2021 Gold Coast Whale Watching Season Dates

The humpback whale migration on the Gold Coast starts in May each year and concludes by November. Our whale watching tours run from mid June until mid October which ensures all of our tours have plenty of whale encounters. About 30,000 humpback whales are expected to make the journey in 2021.


How long are vouchers valid?

Our gift cards are valid for the current season and should be redeemed by 30th September 2021. Each certificate comes with a unique voucher code which is later used to book a specific trip online.


What about COVID19. Are Gift Cards refundable?

Yes, should there be more travel bans, lock downs and the like, we will refund unused gift certificates.


Will there be discount sales closer to the season start?

No – We are a small boat with only 6-8 paying customers, offering an exclusive private feel tour. We therefore can’t afford any discounts and you will need to pay a little premium in order to make this experience possible. Our tickets are also not available through any third party discount website such as Groupon. If price is the main driver for you then we recommend choosing a large whale watching vessel instead. We appreciate your understanding and ongoing support. It means the world to us!