The Gold Coast’s ‘Central Park’ is located on the northern end of the Gold Coast on the eastern side of The Spit, Main beach.

An all-natural 93 hectares offers a 3.5-kilometre walk through pathways and forested areas lined with a wide array of flora and fauna.

Along the trail, you’ll find ample openings to golden beaches where families can pick a spot to enjoy the stunning coastal scenery in up to 300 days of sunshine a year.

History of Federation Walk, Gold Coast

The Federation Walk was planned as a celebration of the centenary of the Federation of Australia in 2001. The first stage opened to the public in 2003 and is now a pedestrian walkway suitable for a leisurely stroll, a morning jog, or a family bike ride.

Where does Federation Walk lead?

Access to the Federation Walk is at The Spit from the car park opposite the entrance to Sea World.

The walkway leads through the coastal reserve to the Gold Coast Seaway where you can stop for a meal, watch the fishers, or observe the surfers and bodyboarders paddling across the seaway to ride the waves off South Stradbroke Island.

Small craft travel back and forth taking visitors on cruises. Boats pass heading for a day of deep-sea fishing or laden with the catch on the way in. And jet skis dart in and out of the crashing waves.

What you can expect to see on Federation Walk

Federation Walk is home to a diverse range of plant and wildlife with every walk capturing a unique opportunity for bird spotting and witnessing native Australian animals in their natural habitat.

The most common birds you’ll come across on the Federation Walk will be the Australian bush turkey. They may be cautious at first but aren’t intimidated by humans so you can get up close and personal. Don’t be tempted to feed the bush turkeys; it’s prohibited and may cause them harm as their digestive systems aren’t designed for processed foods.

You may also see brown quail scuttling around in the underbrush. Among the trees, the liquid calls of various types of doves will alert you to their presence, and you’ll probably hear the laughing kookaburra long before you see it.

Visitors love photographing the bearded dragons that bask in the sunshine on the walkways blending in perfectly with the fallen leaves. Their tendency to stay completely still makes them an ideal subject.

The brilliant colours of the rainbow lorikeets, plus their noisy chatter attract attention, but there are other parrot species here too. Look out for galahs, Scaly-breasted lorikeet and pale-headed rosella.

Federation walk is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and is an ideal opportunity to experience the serenity of nature before you emerge at the seaway to take a break with a snack or beverage.

Enjoy the golden beach and calming blue waters while connecting with friends and family making memories that will last a lifetime.

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