Humpback Whale Fact File for Children

The humpback whale is a mammal and a species of baleen whale. Baleen are plates that instead of teeth can be used to filter the whales prey from the sea water. Humpback whales are not dangerous to humans, in fact, they eat tiny plankton and krill. Due to the whales’ enormous size they will need […]

2021 Humpback Whale Research Expeditions

The 2021 whale watching season is going to be a big one! With humpback whale numbers consistently on the rise year by year, the Gold Coast Bay is the perfect location in South East Queensland for whale watching and research activities. For the 4th year, Dr. Olaf and his team at Humpback and High-rises are […]

How intelligent are whales?

There is an understanding among marine experts that whales are incredibly intelligent. It just seems fact! Not only is the brain of the sperm whale the largest in the animal kingdom and 5 times heavier than that of a human, it has been observed time after time that whales and dolphins are sentient; when a […]

Identifying Whales – Can Fluke ID be used for Humpbacks?

Identifying cetacean can be an arduous task, especially from long distances, on choppy seas or when the mammal is about to dive. Fortunately, there are various distinguishing factors for each individual species. An observers process of elimination is perhaps the best method to identifying a species, for example, a dolphin seen in a certain area […]

The Legacy of Valerie Taylor – An Australian icon

Valerie Taylor, marine expert and Australian icon, is synonymous with the ocean, and along with her late husband Ron the couple are responsible for trail blazing the shark conservation conversation in Australia. Originally a spear fisher with Ron, Valerie changed their lives from killing fish to creating awareness for conservation and the documentation of the […]

Why whales strand themselves

One of the more puzzling phenomena in the natural world is why whales strand themselves. Every year, there are a handful of circumstances when either groups or individual whales and dolphins converge upon the beaches of the world. Distressingly, many do end up perishing, however some, often with the help of humans, survive the ordeal […]

A history of Australia’s Humpback whale conservation

The time of whaling Whaling in Australia began in the late 18th century, with small row boats venturing off the coast in search of whale species. The crews would throw harpoons and then drag the carcass’ of the whale behind the boat. Once on-shore whaling stations would strip the whale for multiple products including lubricants, […]

The greatest Whale & Dolphin Conservation Success Stories

Australia’s Humpback Whale Population The peak of Australia’s whale hunting resulted in the decimation of the east and west coast humpback whale population, and individual numbers fell as low as the hundreds. The development of the harpoon gun made whaling so effective that many species were driven to the verge of extinction. As stocks plunged […]

Beers that save the Ocean

Its time to buy cart-loads of Great Barrier Reef or other brands, host a Barbeque and drink beer! Plastics in the ocean are now a topic of common knowledge. This environmental scurge has led to the deaths of countless marine creatures, yet there is finally some good news that everyone can relate to, well, the […]