Gold Coast Whale Sightings Report – June 2021 Update

The 2021 whale watching season kicked off with a big bang. The season started at the end of May and whale numbers have been high right from the start. Humpback highway by mid June 2021 is as busy as it gets which is fantastic news for whale watchers. There is no need to wait any […]

Where to swim with Humpback whales – Australia and beyond

[Australia Every year, more than 30,000 humpback whales embark on the journey north from Antarctica along the east coast of Australia to the warm waters of Queensland’s Gold Coast, Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast on their way north where they will mate and calf. While the government of Australia allows people to swim with these gentle giants, it […]

Gold Coast Whale Adventures – All you need to know

Our Gold Coast Whale Adventures are truly unique. We utilise a small vessel in small groups of only 8 guests, providing an unparalleled and personal whale watching experience. We closely work with researchers such as Humpback and High-rises or Dolphin Research Australia and encourage all our guests to become inspired by what we do. The […]

Gift Certificates for the 2021 Whale Watching Season available now

GIFT AN EXPERIENCE – AN OCEAN EXPEIRENCE! Instead of more things and clothes that clutter the home give an experience that really becomes part of you. Adventurous activities are often one of the most popular gift certificates to give to loved ones and friends due to their unique nature. Gift cards are usually not what […]

Gold Coast Whale Watching Season 2021 – Time to get excited

The Gold Coast Bay is the Humpback Whale hotspot between May and November each year and there is no better way to built excitement for the 2021 whale watching season than by looking back through our favourite whale watching pics from the 2020 season. Sea the Gold Coast will be commencing tours on 12th of […]

Our Top 10 Whale Watching Pictures of 2019

What an incredible office we have on our ocean. 2019 was an incredible season and we took our time in choosing our top 10 whale watching moments of the season. We hope you like them and we can’t wait to take more incredible photos during the 2020 whale watching season. 1. Probably the most thrilling […]

The Best Whale Watching Locations in 2020

Azores A remote, Mid Atlantic archipelago off the coast of Portugal, the Azores are frequented every spring (March – June) by an abundance of baleen and toothed whales. The islands of Pico and Faial are famed for their whale watching excursions, Blue, Fin, Brydes, Humpback, Minke and Sperm are often seen during each excursion. The […]