Gold Coast Whale Sightings Report – June 2021 Update

The 2021 whale watching season kicked off with a big bang. The season started at the end of May and whale numbers have been high right from the start. Humpback highway by mid June 2021 is as busy as it gets which is fantastic news for whale watchers. There is no need to wait any […]

Humpback Whale Fact File for Children

The humpback whale is a mammal and a species of baleen whale. Baleen are plates that instead of teeth can be used to filter the whales prey from the sea water. Humpback whales are not dangerous to humans, in fact, they eat tiny plankton and krill. Due to the whales’ enormous size they will need […]

2021 Humpback Whale Research Expeditions

The 2021 whale watching season is going to be a big one! With humpback whale numbers consistently on the rise year by year, the Gold Coast Bay is the perfect location in South East Queensland for whale watching and research activities. For the 4th year, Dr. Olaf and his team at Humpback and High-rises are […]

How intelligent are whales?

There is an understanding among marine experts that whales are incredibly intelligent. It just seems fact! Not only is the brain of the sperm whale the largest in the animal kingdom and 5 times heavier than that of a human, it has been observed time after time that whales and dolphins are sentient; when a […]

Identifying Whales – Can Fluke ID be used for Humpbacks?

Identifying cetacean can be an arduous task, especially from long distances, on choppy seas or when the mammal is about to dive. Fortunately, there are various distinguishing factors for each individual species. An observers process of elimination is perhaps the best method to identifying a species, for example, a dolphin seen in a certain area […]

Where to swim with Humpback whales – Australia and beyond

[Australia Every year, more than 30,000 humpback whales embark on the journey north from Antarctica along the east coast of Australia to the warm waters of Queensland’s Gold Coast, Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast on their way north where they will mate and calf. While the government of Australia allows people to swim with these gentle giants, it […]

Gold Coast Whale Adventures – All you need to know

Our Gold Coast Whale Adventures are truly unique. We utilise a small vessel in small groups of only 8 guests, providing an unparalleled and personal whale watching experience. We closely work with researchers such as Humpback and High-rises or Dolphin Research Australia and encourage all our guests to become inspired by what we do. The […]

Gift Certificates for the 2021 Whale Watching Season available now

GIFT AN EXPERIENCE – AN OCEAN EXPEIRENCE! Instead of more things and clothes that clutter the home give an experience that really becomes part of you. Adventurous activities are often one of the most popular gift certificates to give to loved ones and friends due to their unique nature. Gift cards are usually not what […]